Innovative Technology Solutions for Clinic Management

12 Feb 2020

Innovation Technology Solution Technology has the potential to transform clinic management into the patient healthcare center which increases the security, privacy, and interoperability of health data. The healthcare industry needs to break the current constraints and expand the frontier to achieve true breakthrough performance. Technology has always played a crucial role in clinic management. The pace and focus of technology-enabled innovation are likely to change. Adopting popular patient engagement technologies could be the key ramping up clinic operations and driving an organization closer to patient-centered care. Here are some technological solutions which can a great for any hospital clinics or medical clinics.

Blockchain based Patient Management

Blockchain Technology powered health information exchange and also can unlock the true value of interoperability. Through the blockchain decentralized principles, we can improve the accessibility and security of patient information. Patient records own data and healthcare provider can access this data within minutes. Send secure real-time notifications to the patient. Places all health data into one accessible forum. Blockchain technology can also be applied to the accessing and sharing of patient medical records.

AI-backed intelligent Clinic Management

According to a 2016 report from CB Insights, about 86% of healthcare provider organizations, life science companies, and technology vendors to healthcare are using artificial intelligence technology. Artificial intelligence assists doctors in finding the right treatments among many options. AI helps physicians identify and choose the right drug for the right patients. We have simplified clinic management software for stakeholders by employing the power of emerging technologies like AI to solve today’s clinic management challenges.

Automate prescription and processes using digital Pen and Pad

Digital Pen and Pad is the most innovative in-clinic practice management solution which doesn’t force you to change your behavior of writing. Digital pen and pad automate your patient records and much more. The prescription pad can give your patients an awesome experience in the clinic and post clinic as well. It helps your patients stay connected to you even after they leave your clinic. Digital pen and pad can help a doctor to smoothly manage their clinic by capturing their prescription, appointments, examinations, diagnoses, referrals and many more, in a secure and encrypted manner.

Biometric based patient records keeping

Patient records that are misrepresented or not well stored have a negative consequence of an erroneous prescription. Biometrics authentication is used in the security and privacy of the health care system is evolving due to advances in technology. Healthcare organizations today assess different biometric modalities such as palm vein, iris, fingerprint against criteria such as accuracy, permanency, applicability. Organizations can link the entire set of an individual’s demographics with a biometric characteristic of the patient.

Remote Patient Consulting

Benefits of the remote patient monitoring system, ease of access to patient data, the ability to deliver higher quality to more patients with a lower risk of burnout and for healthcare providers lower cost and higher efficiency. Remote patient monitoring help to reduce the waiting time for hospital admission, shortening response time in the event of an emergency, improve therapy effectiveness, safer access to own medical data, possibility to continue treatment in a friendly home environment, under constant remote care of specialists.

Use of Software for check-in and queue management

The critical areas of hospitals/clinics that need to be exceptionally well designed or managed are patient flow. When there is a rush of patients, medical management software helps hospitals/clinics to create efficient, effective and accurate techniques for facilitating patient registration, insurance eligibility confirmation and billing processes.


Technology maximizes security and accessibility, the technology can be used in many different areas of the clinic management system, such as storing and managing medical records. Blockchain can keep an incorruptible, decentralized and transparent log of all patient data. Blockchain uses to improve the way medical data is shared and used. AI has the potential to detect the meaningful relationship among the data sets, which are extensively used in diagnosis, treatment and predict the result of the data analysis. Remote patient consulting support in diagnostics, complement therapy and increase the effectiveness of patient treatment and safety by ensuring round the clock contact with specialists. By using +Doctor, medical businesses can well connect with patients as it helps to exchange information payment and the other aspects. So if you desire to make your hospital/clinic grow in this highly competitive arena, then you must adopt +Doctor for check-in queue management.