Orthopedic Practice Software

Orthopedic EMR Practice Management Software

Do any of these challenges sound familiar?

  • Less communication with your Patient?
  • Concerned about operational mess of your orthopedics practices?
  • Is managing your patient data with medical history clumsy?
  • Bothered about increasing no-shows of Appointments?
  • Is your sensitive patient data actually well-guarded?
dermato familiar
dermato sustainable

+Ortho is your sustainable answer

  • Your data is Everything… Choose confidentiality, choose +Ortho
  • Insure Patient Satisfaction… +Ortho is your premium
  • Technology and Clinical process automation...FASTag your clinic with +Ortho

Why +Ortho?

  • Allows every

    orthopedic physician

    or surgeon to improvise comprehensive clinical processes
  • Provide you the best data security to keep the sensitive information protected
  • Weekly or Daily reporting lets you set up customized documents to output on a regular basis
  • Allow the physicians to prescribe medications electronically
  • Effortless inbuilt invoicing solution and generate billing
  • Mitigate no-shows with electronic appointment reminders
  • Obtainable in Cloud and Desktop versions
Why +Doctor
dermato benifits

Benefits of +Ortho

  • Comprehensive ortho-specific clinical workflow
  • Software provides a seamless user experience for both providers and office administrators
  • Increase your convenience without compromising Security
  • Practices can collect demographics, insurance, referral, and other vital information
  • Software developed using more Versatile and Scalable Technology
  • A customized patient intake experience for your
    orthopaedics practice
  • Highly user-friendly control panel with electronic growth charts

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