Why +Doctor

+Doctor: Innovative and Free Clinic Management Software

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+Doctor Practice and Clinic Management Software is tailor-made to address your specific needs according to your specialization helping all Medical Practioners to build and grow their private practice. +Doctor is well-integrated and intelligent software connecting the dots between Patient, Staff and Medical Practitioners. +Doctor allows you to nurture meaningful patient relationships while building a sustainable and financially-viable private physician practice.

Why Practice Management Software?

Data Security

Your data is Everything
Choose Confidentiality. Choose +Doctor

Do you know – Your Patient and Clinical data is Spine of your Clinic? This requires confidentiality thus boosting privacy of your Patient and their Clinical records. We believe in prioritizing your data security over others. +Doctor is built considering and prioritizing this need proving utmost privacy to your data and Patients.

FASTag of Clinic

Technology and Clinical Process Automation
FASTag your Clinic with +Doctor

+Doctor is FASTag of your Clinic helping your Clinic gain the required momentum. With the help of automating process management that saves time of medical staff so that they can focus more on their important tasks. Processes and dashboards are automated, thus reducing manual works and improving accuracy. Automation in the appointments schedule allows in terms of transparency and manage patient walking efficiently.

Insure Patient Satisfaction

Insure Patient Satisfaction
+Doctor is your Premium

+Doctor’s Clinic Management software offering out of the box integrations and amazing features which assist in streamlining clinical workflows. You get flexible appointment scheduling, e-prescribing, billing and invoicing, accurate reporting and easy-to-use tools. It will directly intimate the patients about the re-schedule or cancellation through SMS or email. Our Patient Management Software is available on Desktop as well as Web-based version ensuring that your data is never lost.

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