How Useful Mobile Technology for Healthcare Industry?

14 Apr 2020

Mobile Technology For Healthcare With the rapid advancements in all sectors, mobile technology is penetrating through the thick impossibilities that the world use to showtimes before. Today the world is under your fingertips and you can just connect or gather information about anything like Hospitals and medicines, Healthcare tips, climate, world news, study materials, online tutorials, shopping, videos, etc. online through just one click on your mobile device. All these are happening just because of the advancement in mobile technologies. Now the question is how mobile technology is making its impact on the Healthcare industry.

Let me make you understand the importance of mobile technology in a simple scenario.

Imagine that you are admitted to a hospital, having a patient beside your bed, facing trouble in speaking.

In a few minutes of time, you discover by his droopy face that he is striving for help due to some stroke and there is no one around. What would you do? Yes, exactly you will pick up your mobile device, dial the designated number of your Clinician and confirm the event or you can also take the essential information to activate the hospital's stroke protocol to save that patient. This is how mobile technology shows its importance by helping us in many ways.

Let us discuss some other impacts of mobile technology in the Healthcare Industry.

Utilizing EMS in a digital way:

In most of the developing nations, Healthcare centers is still a major concern, especially in rural areas. You might easily find multiple Healthcare centers in urban areas but what about the people staying on the rural side? In case of emergency, distances to these Healthcare centers from rural locations can cause serious issues. The one solution for this is digital EMS i.e. Emergency Medical Service. The doctors and Clinicians can make a website or an app by incorporating mobile technology so that patients can input the data essentials like appointments, Hospital admits procedures, real-time information, etc. With better data collection and overcoming mistaken information which usually occurs in tedious paper-works, doctors can generate reports before the patient's arrival. All these contribute to the enhancement of patient healthcare facilities in a digital way.

Incorporate EHR in Hospitals and Clinics:

EHR means Electronic Health Records which includes the systematic arrangement of patients' data. It can include the data with all essentials like Demographics, status related to immunization, Lab tests, radiology images, invoice, etc. Doctors can share these data records across multiple healthcare platforms for their treatment processes.

Therefore, for better patient care, EHR (Electronic Health Record) should be utilized in all the Hospitals, clinics and labs. It can retrieve multiple patient data results in a matter of seconds with all accuracy. It eliminates the needs of tedious paperwork, generating duplicate data, etc., eventually saving in a lot of time and money.

Today, about 80% of doctors and Clinicians in the world are using smartphones for their work-related tasks. Moreover, this is also a reason why mobile technology is booming in the Healthcare industry.

Monitor our Health with Mobile Apps:

In this digital era, Mobile Apps are playing a significant role even in Healthcare industries. Reports say that about 4 million apps were downloaded each day globally. And over 1,00,000 of the apps were related to Health and fitness.

These applications come up with different categories:

Physical Fitness or Training: The best example of this category is MapMyRun application. The main purpose of this app is that it tracks the information like the distance you traveled so far from the source, amount of time took, speed, elevation, etc. This is done by the app using the in-built GPS system of the device. This running-related app can be easily integrated with social media and you can share the Application results to the timeline.

Self-measurement Applications: The availability of self-measurement applications like Pregnancy tracking apps, Fertility tracking apps, etc. is a positive knock for the Healthcare industries. These apps help women with health guidelines, as similar to the normal guidelines they receive from the Doctors. Fertility Apps help them with crucial information about women's cycles, the best time for pregnancy, child care, etc.

Apps related to Health information: These applications provide vital information about health both physically and mentally. These applications deal with the guidelines related to food, estimated calories, exercise and diets for dieting, nutrition tips for patients, various workout tips, Yoga, etc.

In a nutshell, we can say that mobile technology giving its extraordinary support in all the possible ways by encouraging the Physicians, doctors, etc. to use digital Apps for their Healthcare industry to achieve faster growth and simple operability for the patients as well.

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