Demystify Myths around Technology adoption by Clinics and Hospitals

20 Jan 2020

Myths about technology in clinic There is mammoth technological advancement in new era for clinical and managerial processes of Healthcare sector. Technological innovations like AI, Machine Learning, Digitization of prescription and other processes not only help Medical practitioners in providing relevant and quick medical services to their Patients but also add value to decision making and information retrieval easy. Looking at the benefits of technology, it is expected that Doctors should adopt these technologies in Clinic Management at rapid pace however it is observed that few myths which are the major obstacle for them to choose a perfect hospital software. Let’s look at some of the major myths while selecting a medical clinic software.

  • Software Takes Time When Entering Patient Data

    Actually, this invested time of few minutes will help in long run by helping doctors finding proper patient demographics, medical history, records and other details easily in future. This is initial investment for long run benefits.

  • An Additional Cost of the Clinic

    Business process automation helps reducing long run costs of book-keeping and errors. This reduces the overall clinic management expenses by streamlining all clinic management processes from one place.

  • Patient Data Security from Mobile App

    Most of the mobile applications store patient demographics, diagnosis, findings and all clinic data on their server and has potential of misusing the same for various clinical research and pharmaceuticals. Safety of Patient and clinical data has the highest importance while choosing the automation mode

  • My staff is not Technically Verse to use this Clinic Management Software

    Technology has advanced a lot and user friendliness is utmost care while developing any software. All modern software has intuitive UI and offers online help on how to use Software. Initial staff training can also help in educating staff for using software and automation for clinic

  • Clinical Transparency Lends Practitioners in Trouble

    Clinical transparency can help you avoid and technical and legal glitches in future. This can help practitioners to justify his/her treatment and case.

  • There is no Appetite Among Patients for Digitization or Technology

    Patients do appreciate digital services like e-Prescription, SMS or email reminders and availability of online clinical reports and other details. Patient can take various reviews of his diagnosis and treatment.

  • Technology Reduces Human Touch and Empathy

    Technology can help in patient management and engagement by providing correct patient information and medical history. If practitioners have good information about the patient, it can help in engaging the patient and thus alleviate the clinical experience with doctor.

  • Technology Slows-down Doctors or Practitioners

    Technology can help Doctors/ Practitioners by providing medical and clinical history of the Patient. This not only help practitioners in his subsequent meetings / follow up but also help in providing extended analysis of the diagnosis and treatment. Patient information and record keeping helps Practitioners in long run.

  • Serious Disease Require More Attention

    Most of the patients have normal diseases which can be diagnosed by doctor easily but some of have very serious issues where doctor has to maintain the record of that particular patient in hourly basis. For example, they have to take reports of blood, sugar, urine, blood pressure and some other things which can be easy for them for further treatment of their particular patient. In this type of cases, they have to give more attention towards the patient.

Now the question is to find the software which can fulfill all these requirements at minimal cost. +Doctor is here. It is an extensive & reliable clinic management software that streamlines your whole work process, offers a few advantages for doctors including quick & secure access to tasks anywhere, flawlessly incorporate doctor appointment scheduling, clinical work process, patient management, invoices and billing management and many other advantages. This will give guarantee to get the best returns for any medical clinic.